“Rivar’s used a video clip in one of our recent email blasts. It added an extra touch of class to the overall look of our email campaign and helped us to include more info than what would have been possible with simple text.” —Beth R. Slusher, Rivar's, Inc.

Our App. Willow developed a user friendly web-based application that makes it possible for ANYONE to put the power of video to use in their marketing efforts. Clients can archive and store all of their videos on our streaming video server. Track and analyze the viewing history of each video you have in the app. Create a Digital Interactive Video App (DIVA) to personalize the message of video. All from within one simple-to-use, robust application.

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Why Video?

The growing adoption of broadband combined with readily available content from providers has helped to pave the way for mainstream audiences to embrace online video viewing. Web video is one of the fastest growing marketing tactics out there and the statistics speak for themselves. Video can be incorporated into websites or sent out as an email campaign to make an emotional appeal and tell a story that other tactics cannot. Video is authentic and personal. And more than ever, it viral... meaning that there is ROI that you can see.

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